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Mario Perez Lopez

Public Accountant, Financial Services

Hello... I'm Mario Perez Lopez a Public Accountant, Financial Analyst and Consultant

Mario Perez Lopez's Bio:

Mario Perez Lopez is a Public Accountant - Financial Analyst - Consultant with a solid history of leveraging robust experience in financial institutions and corporations to drive achievement of goals (administrative, financial, informational, operational) through strategic support of overall organizational functions.

After a time off from work, Mario Perez Lopez is preparing once again to be a reliable professional resource on a full time basis via a remote collaboration ready to consolidate my expertise and scope contributing extensively to achieve those goals.



  • Financial Analysis: Mario can plan, structure and write analytical reports either in Spanish or English by selecting and applying the most relevant informational sources in order to deliver detailed reports balancing historical - projected performance proposing preliminary conclusions, problem solving alternatives and recommendations for decision - making processes. 
  • Financial Modeling: After planning and performing a focused research intended to collect appropriate technical financial - business data and assumptions, Mario can manage and execute complete processes in order to develop, test, adjust and apply financial models whose goal is execute ad-hoc calculations for interpretation and preliminary conclusions needed to prepare written analytical reports focusing on those numerical findings. 
  • Information Technology: Mario has had a steady and increasingly positive experience in using computer and online based tools by getting actively involved in social and professional networks as well as web design (intermediate) and blogging (Mario owns a bilingual financial blog) in order to network, create new professional contacts and strengthen his online professional image being able to discuss with Spanish and English speaking colleagues about subjects of mutual benefit.

Mario Perez Lopez's Experience:

  • Bilingual Technical Translator at Safetynet Connection LLC

    Currently collaborating on a remote basis with the US based (Phoenix, AZ) company Safetynet Connection LLC in order to translate comprehensive training programs for bilingual workers on key safety issues that companies most comply with according to safety regulations in the US

  • Financial Literacy Writer at Volunteer Project

    Currently updating an English-Spanish based blog of my authorship ( and focused on studying what Financial Culture means in terms of spreading a comprehensive educational-informational effort intended to help people learn and understand a basic financial terminology.

  • Independent Advisor at Mario P. Lopez Consulting

    Developed a variety of formal / voluntary engagements intended to analyze, develop and launch computer and web based informational solutions. Key projects were: • Information: Advice to Community Treasurer prior to prepare monthly reports about income (community fees) and expenses (general maintenance), • Information Technology: Developed a business website project for the consulting firm PyME Consultoría Mexicana, • Analysis - Operations: Developed a Microsoft Excel-based solution focused on assisting small-sized bookstores to migrate, manage and control inventories

  • Senior Financial Analyst | Supervisor at Pearson Education

    Initially recruited as a senior financial analyst for high-volume operations and subsequently transferred to turn around under-performing Customer Service foreign operations by proposing and developing a coordinated administrative - operational structure. • Drafted an initial program intended to reorganize Customer Service (CS) foreign operations and create a formal supervisory role in order to support CS Analysts by proposing a better coordination between Pearson US and Pearson Mexico. • Reduced previous informational delays by 25% by communicating regularly with Pearson US Customer Service staff in order to gather shipment information on behalf of major local and Latin American customers. • Directly solved major complaints from several key Mexican and Latin American customers due to shipment delays by acting as an "immediate follow up-response” liaison between Pearson US, Pearson Mexico and CS Analysts. • Revamped procedures for overseeing sales teams’ actual performance by analyzing actual sales and operating expenses variances versus budgets reporting findings to Sales divisional Vice-president. • Contributed to reduce non-authorized expenses by 100% after developing and applying a unified information and control program between Mexican and Latin American Sales Managers in order to comply with corporate policies. • Reduced internal analysis and accounting delays by 50% after coaching divisional sales representatives to comply consistently with corporate policies when reporting their travel expenses and allowances

  • Financial Analyst at LCC Consulting Services

    Collaborated with a consulting team to redesign analysis models prior to accepting new business projects intended to advise corporate clients. • Identified areas of opportunity in Excel based analysis and forecasting models and proposed changes that resulted in an increase of 5% in new business advisory projects.

  • Corporate Finance Senior Analyst at Vector (Investment Bank)

    Vector (Investment Bank): Financial Analyst assigned to develop, apply and update internal methodology intended to analyze Financial Statements and present on a thorough basis financial corporate credit evaluation reports generating conclusions and initial recommendations prior to approving / refusing corporate credit requests. Financial Analyst involved in developing structured finance (short / long-term debt) Initial Public Offerings via the Mexican Stock Exchange. • Analysis: Applied corporate credit risk analysis methodology, • Information: Prepared PowerPoint based executive presentations, • Analysis: Developed Excel based models (cost of capital, financial ratios, statistics), • Analysis: Financial follow up: Financial Statements, Covenants, Forecasts, • Information: Informational advisory: corporate clients, investors, regulators, • Information: Performed due diligence schedules: debt related Initial Public Offerings.

Mario Perez Lopez's Education:

  • Universidad de Negocios ISEC

    Certified Public Accountant
    Concentration: Accounting, Finance
    Activities: ● 2009 / Member - Finance 3.0. Networking Group, ● 2009 / Member - Network Laptro. Networking Group, ● 2009 / Owner: Linkedin based group "Universidad ISEC: Alumno | Ex Alumno | Alumni", ● 2008 - Present / Member - MyVirtualPower Forum. Networking Group, ● 2007 - Present / Owner: LinkedIn based group "Financial Culture".

Mario Perez Lopez's Interests & Activities:

● History, ● Football, ● Blogging, ● Baseball, ● Pets, ● Web Design, ● Social Media, ● Social Affairs, ● Classical Music, ● Equity Research, ● Financial Literacy, ● Financial Markets, ● Business Leaders, ● Investment Banking, ● Personal | Professional Branding, ● Computer Software

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